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Specialty Areas


Prehab provides a system to address pre-morbid patterns of dysfunction in order to prevent further injury or decline in function. This area of Rehabilitation aims to offer you information and preparation towards your future elective surgery. Dr Tara Ball is able to help you optimise your functional outcome potential and help to improve your fitness for surgery. Dr Ball takes a holistic approach with all of her patients and reviews your medical health which includes medications, environmental supports and possible equipment needs. Dr Tara Ball will assist in making sure your future Hospital experience and recovery is the best that it can be.

Recovery Rehab

Recovery Rehab is a specialty area which focuses on you achieving your best functional outcome after surgery, illness or injury. Dr Tara Ball is able to advise you how to optimise your recovery safely, quickly and confidently. She addresses areas such as, Wound Care, Pain Management, Falls Prevention and offers advice of how you can resume activities of daily living, returning to work and driving.

Rehab Your Body

This is a specialty area which Dr Tara Ball developed in order for you to be proactive about your Rehabilitation. Dr Tara Ball is able to advise you on how to maintain your health and general fitness lifelong. She can show you how to prevent functional decline secondary to problems such as injury, chronic illness, pain, memory loss, falls, social isolation, mental health issues, multiple medication consumption, weight problems and other ageing related factors.


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